What We Do

Commercial Electrician

We offer many commercial electrician services in the Austin Texas & Dripping Springs Areas. If you are thinking about making changes to your commercial business or office space, Live Oak Electric can help. Whatever your problem is, one of our Dripping Springs commercial electricians can solve it quickly and at a reasonable price.


Tenant Improvements

Improvements on your property at lighting speed. We have experience helping property owners around Texas. 

Our team knows how to help where it really counts when it comes to tenant improvements. First, we figure out what is already there that you can use as a tenant. For tenant improvements, Live Oak Electric does meter upgrades, meter separation, CATV wiring, and matching existing fixtures. We make sure that we keep our customer in business while we get the work done. In order to keep your project moving forward, we are ready to do the engineering, design (CAD), plans, and get the permit. Call Live Oak Electric to learn more about tenant improvements.

Lighting Repair & Install

We understand how to repair and install lighting from commercial to enterprise, we have the experience you need.

We have experience in many different kinds of test and repair tools which enables us to take care of your lighting on a regular basis if desired. After we thoroughly check what you currently have we can maintain, replace, repair, or install any electrical or lighting part. Live Oak Electric has experience in driving range lighting, parking lot lighting, security lighting, site lighting, building lighting, office lighting, warehouse lighting, and more! Call Live Oak Electric to see how we can assist you for your electrical and lighting repairs, maintenance, and installations.

Parking Lot Lighting

Let’s upgrade your parking lot lighting and protect your investments. Put the right touch in your parking area today.

Our high reaching ladder truck allows us to reach almost any light fixture or pole, enabling us to repair or install a new one for parking lot lighting. This is the case with LED light fixtures. We can also perform a photometric analysis of your current lights so we can direct you to the best options for you. Whether it is energy efficient lighting or vandal resistant fixtures, Live Oak Electric will direct you to what is the best way to turn them off and on so you can save money on your electricity bill.

Panel Install & Repair

Panel installations and panel upgrades need to be perfect. Our team has experience modifying and maintaining advanced panel systems.

Electrical panels come in all different sizes and configurations. Since Live Oak Electric has experience in many different panels, it is our goal to get the right size and type of panel to fit your current and future needs. We install all of the major manufacturer’s panels and hardware or we can even have the panel custom made to fit your application. Whether your electrical panel is small or large, if it is having problems (lights flickering, intermittent power) we can help you know whether you should replace or repair. Sometimes the existing panel can be overloaded with added equipment. We can work with local agencies and utilities as needed to take care of the problem.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Using energy efficient lighting is affordable and offers our customers cheaper lighting bills. LED Technology is the future.

Live Oak Electric provides and installs a variety of different energy efficient lighting fixtures. LED lights are a great choice because they save on energy costs. Fluorescent lights are less costly than LED but do not save as much on energy costs. The older high pressure sodium or mercury vapor light fixtures used a lot more energy. With the new energy efficient lighting, you will notice a difference in what it costs each year for maintenance.

Custom Smart Lighting

Lighting control systems will help your building save money, look cool, and can decrease your future maintenance.

Live Oak Electric understands that people do not want their lights on when they do not need to be. We understand the different kinds of lighting control service and installation. We install photo-cell controls, time clocks, switches, and programmable controllers. Using today’s technology, we can allow virtually any light or group of lights to be controlled from almost anywhere using your smartphone. Call Live Oak Electric to see what we do for your business.

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Electrical Masters

We have served Central Texas since 2009 and when you book with us you can be sure that our experienced electricians will show up on time, be professional and solve your problem according to current building codes. We work closely with designers, architects and general contractors throughout the process.

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