What We Do

Residential Electrician

We offer many residential electrician services in the Austin Texas & Dripping Springs Areas. If you are thinking about making changes to your residence, backyard, front yard, or advance custom lighting, Live Oak Electric can help. Whatever your problem is, one of our Dripping Springs residential electricians can solve it quickly and at a reasonable price.


Panel Upgrade

Panel upgrades can be easy or complex depending on who installed the panel first. Their certifications and skills will be the difference of success or failure.

Whether your current electric panel is worn out or is simply unable to handle the power demands of your home, our electric panel upgrade services can remedy the problem. We can install a new circuit breaker box in your home that functions flawlessly & is built to handle any power demands you may have.

Electrical Remodeling

Remodeling offers a great place to begin saving money and removing risk from your residence. We enjoy helping local home owners with remodeling projects.

Whether you are making renovations that require you to change your house wiring or you are wanting to update an older home to a more mordern electrical system, the electrical contractors at Live Oak Electric are able to help. We'll work to remodel the electrical wiring of your home to fit any renovation.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Fans can be challenging to replace on a low ceiling, high ceilings are always fun too. We help home owners replace, install, and repair ceiling fans, any height.

Ceiling fans add numerous to benefits to a home, like energy efficiency, increased lighting & enhanced decor. Our Central Texas electricians can help with your residential ceiling fan repair. We can even re-wire your existing home and install a new ceiling fan.

Electrical Rewiring

Classic homes have classic wiring and replacing the electrical wiring becomes important to protect your investment.

Classic homes need extra love to keep them safe. Sometimes, the wiring in old houses needs to be replaced. If you need to update the wiring in your home, or you need electrical wiring repair services, we’ll work to get the job done as quickly and affordably as possible. We have experience re-wiring homes of every size and excited to help you take advantage of the latest advancements in electrical safety.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Charging your electric car at home is important to saving gas money, saving the planet, and ensuring your car is ready to go. Let our team help you with the installation.

Own an electric vehicle? Live Oak Electric can help you charge your vehicle at home with a Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation. Our electricians can help you decide which EV Charger is best for your home & car.

GFI/ GFCI Outlets

GFI and CFCI outlets are important to controlling your electricity. We help home owners understanding installation safety, repairing, and replacing fault outlets.

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFIs) are outlets designed to prevent electric shock. If you have an outlet in a high moisture area that is not a GFI outlet and are concerned about the potential for electric shock, our GFI outlet installation services can replace your current outlets with outlets that are much safer.

About Us

Electrical Masters

We have served Central Texas since 2009 and when you book with us you can be sure that our experienced electricians will show up on time, be professional and solve your problem according to current building codes. We work closely with designers, architects and general contractors throughout the process.

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